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Meet the Teams

Primitivo PR is made up of a group of passionate and hardworking students in public relations. The firm is supervised and led by two Co-General Managers and one Assistant General Manager each with an account assigned to a team of Account Executives to guarantee that quality work is delivered throughout a client’s partnership with Primitivo PR.



Hillary Homzie 

Faculty Advisor

Jennifer Dy Khaoone, General Manager.jpg

Jennifer Dy Khaoone

General Manager

Kiki Leight-Strachan, General Manager.jpg

Kiki Leight-Strachan

General Manager

Mia Aponte, Assistant General Manager.jpg

Assistant General Manager

Mia Aponte

Account Executives

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Live Like Lou

Jewish Community Clinic.jpg

Jewish Free Community Clinic


Primivito PR

Center for Environmental Inquiry_edited.

Center for Environmental Inquiry


Road to Empowerment

Restorative Services



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