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About Primitivo

Our mission is to provide measurable results to our clients through the best customer service possible while simultaneously fostering a positive and professional learning environment through student success. Primitivo strives to increase a company's brand awareness and engagement via its public relations, social media and communications expertise while delivering the highest degree of agency professionalism. 

Primitivo is Sonoma State University’s student-run public relations firm that helps its clients find their creative voice through a variety of media. Associated with the Communications and Media department, Primitivo is made up of a lively and motivated group of students with various backgrounds within the field of communications. 


Our subdisciplines include public relations, journalism, graphic design, photography, and videography. With this strong team of students, Primitivo is better able to serve their clients. Primitivo prides itself on its ability to partner with clients in order to provide them with assistance in building brand awareness, public relations and communication needs while simultaneously preparing students with the skills necessary for the workforce.

Class Info and Requirements

Primitivo is one of the courses offered to fulfill the media outlet requirement for a degree in Communications and Media Studies. The prerequisite (COMS 240) for the course, is an introduction to public relations that teaches students the PR tactics of writing, presentation, event organization, and web communication. COMS 340 is Primitivo, a student-run PR firm that gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with local businesses and nonprofits.

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