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Our Services

The Primitivo team strives to give their clients the very best they can each semester. When working with our group of students, clients are given multiple opportunities to help improve their brand as a whole.


Our team is proficient in making any brand’s message known through the engagement and creation of PR proposals, surveys, and logo designs.


At Primitivo, we understand how important it is that every event has its own unique flare. Our team is guaranteed to come up with alluring events for clients and their audiences to enjoy.


Being well educated in technology, the Primitivo team has such skills as developing websites, creating and writing blogs in addition to creating and designing polished websites in order to create an unforgettable digital presence.


With social media becoming more and more popular, it is almost impossible to keep up with. The Primitivo team is well experienced in creating interactive and engaging social media campaigns throughout multiple social media platforms.

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