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  • Sadie Gaus

Top 3 Ethical Dilemmas You Face with a Career in PR

1. Are you willing to lie and/or mislead the public in order to protect your brand or client?

2. Are you willing to color the truth, facts and information in order to protect your client?

3. Are you and/or would you feel comfortable working on accounts with clients with whom you disagree with? This could be moral, political, social matters, etc.

These are three important questions that anyone who has a serious interest in making a career out of PR needs to ask themselves. It’s easy to think to yourself at this very moment and be able to answer “yes” or “no” to the above questions. However, your answers may change once you are actively working in the field and are faced with this dilemma (especially if you’re not currently an active PR professional). Really think about this for a moment. If you were to be put in charge of an account or client with morals or beliefs with whom you disagreed with, would you be willing to put your personal beliefs aside and work for this client? The above questions are just a few important moral ethical dilemmas every PR professional faces in their PR careers at one point or another. Do a self-inventory. Reflect on yourself, values and beliefs and moral compass before diving head first into the fierce and competitive world of PR.

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