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  • Sadie Gaus

Best PR Podcasts to Tune Into!

Whether you are someone who’s interested in dipping their toes into the world of PR, or someone who has just landed a job in PR, staying up to date and informed on current events is crucial! It’s quietly understood and assumed that when you accept a job as a PR professional that a large part of your job description includes keeping up to date with current events. If you’re anything like me and would like to learn more about PR, but never have a moment to yourself, fear not as these PR podcast recommendations will become your best friend in a hurry!

1. Young PR Pros

This podcast series is designed for those who are interested in moving up the chain of command (ladder) in their PR careers. This podcast is particularly helpful and relevant to those new to the field/industry as it provides young professionals with tips and advice regarding how to further advance themselves within the industry.

2. FutureProof

A podcast now in its second series that focuses on the future of public relations. Specifically, it covers topics ranging from the business side of public relations, think social media and marketing, while simultaneously discussing the future expectations of PR and PR professionals.

3. Talking Points

A podcast by Arik Hanson and Kevin Hunt that discusses all relevant news, topics and trends related to public relations and communications. If you’re in a hurry, short on time and constantly on the go, then this is the PR podcast for you! Arik and Kevin discuss some of the hottest topics and issues that are trending in PR in this quick once-a-month podcast series. If you would like to learn more about PR and/or are looking to stay in the loop in regard to PR news and communication but don’t have a lot of time, then this should be your number one “go-to” PR podcast series!

4. On the Media!

This is my favorite PR podcast! I am particularly fond of this one for its profound insight regarding the discussion of the media’s role in our headspace, and how that translates and plays out in our everyday lives. Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield talk about weekly PR and media-related current issues and events. They usually have professionals as guest speakers to weigh in on the matter to dissect, analyze and banter the topic at hand. They have won multiple awards (Edward R. Murrow, Bart Richards, Peabody Award, National Press Club’s Arthur Rose Award) among several others for their investigative reporting methods and tactics. They are best known for analyzing, dissecting, discussing and challenging the hallmark characteristics of the media’s (public radio’s) role in society.

5. PR Week Review (for those of us (me) who can only tune in a couple times a week)

PR Week podcast is a great series for anyone who only has a few extra moments to spare! PR Week Review has weekly discussions that entail a roundup of PR’s and communication’s hottest trends, issues and events. This is a fantastic podcast if you are looking to hear and/or learn more about the latest industry news, headlines and action(s) in a skosh!

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