How to Start Your Own Blog and Business Social Accounts

Hey there! My name is Giulia Chlarson, I am a third-year Communications major, dedicated writer and enthusiastic day-dreamer. I love to travel, eat and experience life with great people. While I travel and eat, I love to write about the places I visit to share with others. So I started my own blog called “G’s Footprints” with a companion Instagram page in August, 2018!

I joined the Primitivo Public Relations Firm, because I wanted to immerse myself into the world of PR to gain hands-on experience early. One of the coolest things I learned in this class, is that many companies and PR firms have blogs and help their clients start and write their own blogs. With that, here are some things I have learned from starting my own blog and a business Instagram account:

1. Your website’s aesthetic should reflect the message you are sending to your readers.

Your audience loves to feel a connection with the author, because it makes the content more personal. When the look of the website is unique and authentic, readers are more likely to interact with the content, such as liking, commenting and sharing, giving the post more recognition. Connecting with your readers will not only make them want to return to your page, it will make you stand out amongst others that may have a similar topic.

2. Keep it short and sweet.

No one wants to spend more than five minutes reading word vomit. Be creative with your writing, but keep it simple by breaking up paragraphs and keeping your word count under 700 (if possible). If you think your blog is going to be a long one, you can always bullet point the important topics, add sub-headers, or add external links! Write for your audience so they understand clearly while staying interested. Get to the point and only share relevant information.

3. Visual aids are always a bonus.

Everyone loves to see photos, graphics, or videos to support the writing. Whether you’re showing step-by-step instructions or just creative content, the reader will love to see with their own eyes exactly what you are talking about.

4. Make your social platforms public by switching to a business account.

You will be able to reach a broader audience when you’re public, and more people can view your profile this way. With a business account, you are able to promote posts so that your followers are more likely to see them at the top of their feed. Your posts can also be placed on the “explore” page. It is also super important to tag the location of your photos, use appropriate hashtags, and tag any accounts relevant to your post. This way more people will recognize your page and share with their followers.

Link for creating a business Facebook profile

Link for creating a business Instagram profile

5. Post regularly.

Your social pages are a bonus boost to your blog, so use these platforms to promote traffic back to your website. Make sure your theme on social media is the same as on your website, and post content that is YOURS. If you repost something from another account, make sure to give proper credit to the original owner. Posting stories is a good way to post daily, but you want to post actual content at least three times a week. The more you post, the more your page is broadcast to your followers and potential new audiences. This goes for your blog too! Create a schedule pattern for your posts, so your subscribers know when to expect something new.

Thank you for reading! I hope this information is helpful to new bloggers, like myself. It takes time to grow your following, so be patient, but diligent!

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