Building Your Way to a Better Social Media

Social media is becoming a big part of our daily lives, whether people like it or not. For those who do like the idea of having an engaging and informational feed, have you ever wondered how other accounts do it? Consider these six steps when planning your own business’ next social media moves.

1. Goal setting

  • Produce your product or business how you please, but set forth what you want others to see when promoting.

  • Start by setting smaller goals for your business and then progressively growing those goals when you reach your initial goals.

2. Know your audience

  • Be sure your business’ Instagram profile is set to public. That way consumers are able to see your product more easily.

  • Know the demographics of your followers and track whom you should cater to and when posting would be most beneficial for your business.

3. Establish your brand

  • Create your own hashtags that are specific to your business. Having consumers repost and use your hashtag(s) will help grow your products.

  • Be sure your posts are engaging. Create Instagram stories where your followers can interact with the business.

4. Be aware of competitors

  • Know what your competitors are posting. Make sure your content stands out over theirs.

  • Create content that has relevance to a trend or something trending on social media at that time.

5. Create engaging content

  • Set a tone for your account. Create a theme and stick to that theme throughout your feed.

  • Don’t over-post but don’t under-post. You want to stay relevant in your followers’ feeds, but you don’t want to be overbearing and annoying about it.

6. Assess

  • See what is working with your posts and what isn’t. Get rid of content that was not engaged with, and create more content your followers what to see.

  • It is all about adapting and re-adapting to create a social media feed that is precise all the way through.

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