10 Tips for Improving Your Photos and Videos

1. Get closer.

The famous war photographer Robert Capa once advised, “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”

2. Set the scene with your shots.

Shoot from far away, medium distance and close up.

3. Fill the frame.

The whole shot is the actual shot you're going to get, so make it count.

4. Apply the rule of thirds.

Start with your subject a third of the way from either the left or the right side of your frame.

5. Look for the light.

Get the lighting just right for every shot you take.

6. Get down and dirty.

Don't be afraid to get those angles even if it means laying in some dirt to get the photo.

7. Crop and filter.

Use different colors and themes to bring out your works potential.

8. Treat images like headlines.

Every image is a breaking news image.

9. Watch the background.

Make sure everything in the photo is everything you WANT in the photo,

10. Use drones, Steadicams or tripods.

any tools can make such a difference in the overall look and quality of your media.

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