Six Ways to Make Your Office Healthier

1. Walking Meetings

Instead of having small conferences sitting around a table clicking your pens, take a stroll around your office building, go on a minimally intense hike, or skip down to Starbucks. You won’t notice that you’re exercising, you’ll return to your desk happier, and still get your work done. You can take notes on your phone, or even voice record it to reference it later.

2. Have Homemade Potlucks

Tasty and healthy food, heck yeah. Have everyone make their favorite healthy food and have a potluck party! Bring printed copies of the recipes to place by each food, and your officemates can swoop a copy if they love it. It’s a great way to try new food and hang out with your coworkers.

3. Replace Soda Machine with Water Bottle Fillers

The best way to avoid sugary drinks? Just don’t even have them. There is no point to soda, besides diabetes, so just install a filtered water fountain/water bottle filler to replace it. Save a ton of plastic while doing your blood sugar a favor.

4. Day Retreats

Have a day party! Go to the beach, a near by park, somewhere outside and just hang out. When you’re relaxing with your coworkers, you’ll be able to develop friendships which will make work more enjoyable. A day out of the office will have you returning refreshed the next day, and with a greater appreciation of your team.

5. Start With Yoga and Meditation

When everyone arrives in the morning, do a bit of yoga in the conference room or meditate. It will calm your office down and start the morning off on a low-stress level. Everyone will approach work with a better, relaxed attitude.

6. More Plants

Oxygen is the key to great work. Chuck your fake plants, and nominate a building gardener to make sure the plants get water and sunlight. Maybe even have an outdoor garden and use it to make bouquets or grow food for an office picnic? Your office will be beautiful, and it will promote great vibes.

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