How I Reached 1K Followers on my Simstagram in 2.5 Months

I've been a tremendous fan of The Sims, the life simulation video game series, since The Sims 3. I would spend countless hours, some days from sunrise to sunset, creating Sims, decorating their home, and playing their life. I would sometimes feel lonely while playing the game, because I would do all the creating and playing alone; I wouldn't get to share my creations with anyone. Last winter break, I thought I would make an Instagram account to showcase my creations in The Sims 4 and be able to share them with other Simmers. On December 28, 2014 I set-up my account, @LuzLovesSims, created a brand new Sim, Charlotte Eddington, and posted my first photos.

I was excited starting off, but I didn't expect much when I first started. To my surprise, I was trilled to reach 200 followers just a couple hours before my one week anniversary of managing my very own Simstagram. Two and a half months later, I am now a few days away from reaching 1,000 followers! On average, I would say that my Simstagram grows by 100 followers a week. I am very proud of my dedication and of the techniques I have used to help my audience find me. On Instagram, the most important way to reach the appropriate audience is through the use of hashtags. Now, you don't want to overwhelm followers by an excessive use of hashtags so it is very important to use efficient hashtags. The hashtags I use to reach fellow simmers are: TheSims, TheSims4, Sims, Sims4, TS4, Simmer, Simstagram, CreateASim, and CAS. I see a lot of people use all hashtags relating to The Sims, but you don't want to deceive anyone. I refuse to hashtag “The Sims 3” if my photo is not of The Sims 3 but of The Sims 4. When I first started I obviously had zero followers, I needed to help my audience find me. After posting a few pieces of valuable content, I searched the hashtags previously mentioned and went on a liking spree. Liking other accounts' photos of the same topic as mine was an efficient way to start getting followers. I would like photos, the accounts would see that @LuzLovesSims liked their photo, they would then checkout my account and follow me if they liked what they saw. This technique was an efficient way to help my potential audience find me. Making connections is another way to grow. In the beginning, I followed other Simstagram accounts I liked. Similar to the previous method, some accounts liked my account and followed me back. One account even gave me a shoutout! I was very thankful; it was my first day on Instagram and I had less than ten followers. The account asked their followers to “checkout this cool new Simstagram account.” Following other similar accounts is great, but don't get carried away. There is nothing impressive about having 1k followers when you follow 3k in return. The previous techniques will help your account be found. It's found; someone looked at your content. Do they just exit your account or do they hit the follow button to keep seeing your content? There are so many Simstagrams on Instagram. I think my account has stood out thanks to my passion and dedication. I spend countless hours playing The Sims 4 to have content to post to my account. Also, I don't just post screenshots of my gameplay. I use a few apps to edit my photos and make them interesting and original. I receive countless comments about how amazing my creations are. Ultimately, one's success will be a reflection of one's passion and dedication.

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