Twitter's New Tool

Twitter’s new tool should help curb those embarrassing social media hacks

On twitter, there are 288 million monthly active users. It was recently reported that Taylor Swift is the most recent victim of celebrity Twitter hacking. These hackers had access to her direct messages and her tweets. They sent out tweets that left people confused and they

even threatened to release Swift’s nude photos. The hacker’s tweets were deleted from her account 15 minutes later, and the account responsible for the hacking was later suspended. It was reported that her Instagram was hacked as well. Swift is not the only one who is a victim of online hackers. There have been many reports of people being hacked leaving people questioning if their own account is safe. Many in the past included government organizations, major companies, and other popular celebrities. From these reports of hackings, twitter has since made an update that could help protect those embarrassing social media hacks.

On February 17, 2015, Twitter introduced a new feature that lets users share Twitter accounts without having to share passwords. It was added to TweetDeck, the account managing software that came out in 2011. This new feature helps Twitter accounts that are managed or controlled by multiple people— many of those accounts belonging to government organizations, major companies, or celebrities.

Hackers are successful because they take advantage of security flaws. Also, many accounts don’t have complicated passwords because it needs to be shared with multiple people. When emails or text messages sent include the password in the message, it can get in the hands of hackers. With this new feature, users can now make one person to be the administrator for any account. The administrator can make a list of contributors who can have access to the shared account by signing in their own Twitter accounts or handles. Adding to this new feature is that anyone sharing the account has a verification tool to use for the accounts login. It sends a one-time login code to a user’s phone to enter adding onto their username and password. It adds more protection because it requires your phone to take over the Twitter account.

Contributors can only update accounts from TweetDeck . It allows only the administrator to access the shared handle by the main website and mobile applications. This is a new feature that many people can benefit from. With more security, accounts can be more protected. There will be less embarrassing tweets that pop up on news feeds, and the news of a celebrity’s Twitter accounts being hacked can be reduced.

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